Italian wine - the reasons for successAccording to the European Commission, Italy in 2010 became the first country in the world by volume of wine produced. There were produced 4.96 billion liters. One of the reasons for the success of Italian winemakers is an incredible variety of brands of wine. The southernmost region of the island of Pantelleria produces amazing sweet wines of Muscat grape varieties, in the north-east of Alto Adige and Friuli – dry wine with a refreshing finish, such as German. There are also countless other provinces and regions located between them. The only thing that unites them – is that the grapes are grown in Italy. Red wines are extremely diverse. Continue reading

Interesting Facts California winemakingDid you know that Google’s query “California wine” (“California wine”) returns from 23 to 46 million search results at any time? Or owls, falcons, bats, chickens and sheep – animals that are used by many Californian winemakers to control pests and vine growing grapes?

California produces much wine?

California – the leading wine-making state in the U.S. – produced about 90 percent of all American wine – there are wineries in all 50 counties. Continue reading

Yellow wine in the French AlpsThe world’s largest ski center (380 ski stations), the world’s largest number of lifts and the smallest line on them, the biggest area for alpine skiing, and the widest choice of routes, finally, the highest peak in Western Europe, Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc) – all the French Alps.

Difficult to resist the excellent adjectives when it comes to the resorts of Chamonix, Courchevel, Val d’Isere, Tignes, Val Thorens, Les Deux Alpes, La Plagne, Megeve, Meribel and that with the onset of winter turn into a true Mecca for lovers of downhill. Continue reading

Jean Luc Tunevin - Godfather of garage winemakingA native of Algeria, and now the owner of a multimillion company, Jean Luc in the age of ten with his parents returned to France. Not finishing school, he takes possession of his first profession – becomes a lumberjack. The next step up thirteen years a bank clerk. And in this field, it fails to achieve any acceptable vertices.

Driven by lust and self-ambition, Jean Luc Tunevin tries his hand in the wine business and served in the negotiators, and, quite simply, begins to trade in wine. In parallel, he acquires a small vineyard in the wine commune of Saint-Emilion. Continue reading

House wines, dry white wineQuality of wine depends mainly on the varieties of grapes processed. The most suitable wine varieties with juicy pulp and accumulate large amounts of sugar.

For dry wines, both white and red, you need to collect more than sour grapes to taste and less sugary than sweet wine. This is particularly important in the southern regions, where the grapes are rapidly losing acidity. For dessert wines use overripe grapes. Some wines of overripe grapes obtained with a pleasant tone raisin. Continue reading

Homemade wine? It's easy!Wine called only those drinks that are produced by fermentation of yeast juice of fruits and berries, in which sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide with heat. Many manufacturing instructions wine at home abound such sophisticated technological methods as
cleaning grape water slide, sulfitation, use a pure culture of wine yeast that scare beginners and are practically unusable. The author, as a result of years of practice, has developed its own technology to the limit of the simplified, but allows to produce quality wine industry that rivals and sometimes surpassing them. Continue reading

Тime consumingStabilization or even a decline in prices for wine to become the most important long-term trend of the world market for the next five years.

Independent wine expert, owner authoritative specialized magazine about wine Wine Advocate Robert Parker said the new main trend of the world market for the next five years – on stable or even lower prices on wine. “The era of the consumer” – so he called a new milestone in the development of the market. Continue reading

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